Tarabya Ritual for Body
The Hammam is a ritual as old as civilisation itself. From the Roman baths to the Hammams of Turkey, the Hammam is still revered as a time for relaxation and inspiration. The Apsu Tarabya Rhassoul Clay Body Wrap with Micronized Diamonds will cloak your skin in the richness of the earth, followed by the Tarabya Bath and Body Oil with Micronized Diamonds to smooth and refresh.


Funaya Hand Ritual.
Green Tea is an essential part of Japanese health and wellness. The Japanese believe that Green Tea creates balance, inner peace and serenity as well as being wonderful for sensitive skin due to its anti inflammatory properties. Apsu’s Funaya Green Tea Ritual for hands contains the ancient Japanese wellness secret of pure Green Tea oils. Share the secret with the Green Tea and Avocado exfoliating mask for Hands followed by the Funaya Green Tea Massage Candle for hands and finish off with Green Tea Hand lotion.


Varanasi Foot Ritual
Ayurvedic practitioners believe that feet reveal the body’s imbalances. The refresing oils of peppermint, spearment and lavender in the Varanasi Pedicure bomb, followed by the Varanasi Spicy Clay Foot Mask with green clay, ginger root, cinnamon and clove completed with the Varanasi Foot Cream with mint oil and cocoa butter are inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Ayurveda for the Apsu Varanasi Foot Ritual.