Funaya-Yuzu Reed Diffuser



Way of Scent

100 gm / 3.5 oz.

Samurai warriors would prepare for battle by purifying their minds and bodies with incense. This led to Kodo, the way of scent, as a ritual to sharpen the senses, purify the body, awaken the spirit, heal loneliness and restore calm.

Funaya Yuzu, Neroli and Lemongrass reed diffuser is a citrus symphony of synergy that envelopes your room in an energizing, zesty scent. Reed diffusers offer weeks of fragrance without the use of a flame.


The reeds draw the fragrance to the top and disperse the scent into the room. We recommend turning the reeds once a day to maintain scent level. If you leave the room for extended periods of time, remove the reeds and cap the bottle.


Fragrance, DM Solvent, Carbitol.

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