ayurveda foot ritual

Ancient civilisations place so much value and emphasis on their health and beauty regimes that they thought they were – literally – a gift from the gods.

In India, the Ayurveda system is a 5,000 year old system  – thought to be the world’s oldest form of wellness and preventative medicine, legend tells us it is a literal gift from the gods to the wise men, who would then impart it to mere mortals.

The Ayurveda seeks to understand the human body and its anatomy and to look holistically at us, and tries to help our bodies work in harmony, the way we’re put together. When one bit of us breaks down and isn’t running on a full tank, the rest of our body and mind is not at its optimum either.

How Ayurveda improves our health and well-being

The word ‘Ayurveda’ literally means the knowledge of life. It is a complete regime designed to keep our health and well-being in a state of balanced equilibrium – using wind (vata), fire (pitta) and earth (kapha) to represent the driving forces that shape our minds and bodies.

The key is to harness the energy of the wind with the intensity of fire and the nurturing nature of the earth – but (equally importantly) not to let one element become too dominant, which can be harmful. As always, in life everything is about balance. The Ayurveda embodies that very notion. Balance, harmony, wellness.  Mind, body, spirit.  It is truly the essential elements for ultimate wellness and ultimate happiness.  To enjoy the incredible wonders of our beautiful world and the spirituality that embodies the ancient civilisations and their secrets that they have graciously preserved for our use.

Even today the system of Ayurveda is still revered and respected like the love and the respect one feels for the wisest and oldest in their family. It is the method by which millions of people still live their lives today and search out cures for their ailments and just to keep themselves healthy.

Amazingly, the texts which still form the basis of our modern knowledge of Ayurveda – the charak samhita, sushruta samhita and ashtanga hiridaya – date as far back as 800BC but form the basis of modern Ayurvedic medicine and rituals.

Experience Ayurveda at home

So, you may be asking how do I experience this amazing form of early medicine without having to consult my guru and take a trip to the ashram on the banks of the Ganges.  Apsu is so in love with the ancient civilisations that we have created a contemporary but time honoured experience just for you inspired and informed by the amazing secrets of the ancient Ayurveda that you can do on a Friday night after a hard day.  We are all so busy in the modern world that we forget that the smallest acts of self care and kindness go a very long way to maintaining our balance.

At Apsu the notion of Ayurveda and balancing the body with its environment plays a prominent role in the range of products.  Ayurveda practitioners believe that the feet are the windows to the soul and that they should be maintained as lovingly as a child.

Apsu believes in the wellness wisdom of the ancients and invites you to experience a foot ritual worthy of the Golden Goddess Annapurna herself.

I love the feeling of a foot massage and the delectable post manicure pedicure coma.  Around the world both men and women have incorporated foot care into their health, wellness and beauty routine.  Apsu has created a luscious , fabulous ritual for the feet inspired by the ancient wellness wisdom of the Ayurveda with some wonderful stories of ancient mythology to help you drift into a state of relaxation and meditation.


Ultimate relaxation with 3-Steps Ayurveda inspired foot treatment

So seat yourself down in your most cherished spot in your home with a cup of tea, turn some music on and begin the ritual. Here it is step by step:

    • Step 1 Throw one Apsu Varanasi Mint and Clove pedicure bomb into a bowl of warm water,  put your feet in and allow the delicious aromas of the essential oils of peppermint work its magic on your tired feet. Peppermint is great for bacteria which accumulates on the feet which is natural because we use them so much.


    • Step 2 The Apsu Varanasi Spicy Clay Foot Mask is inspired by the story of Shiva – the god and husband of Annapurna, goddess and Queen of Varanasi – who received a foot massage from his holy consort. It is a core ayurvedic belief that the feet can reveal the body’s imbalances and the detoxifying green clay in the Foot Mask, combined with ginger, cinnamon and clove help to keep feet healthy and promote circulation.Apply the Apsu Varanasi Spicy Clay Foot Mask and bask in the tingling sensation of the beautiful natural ingredients bestowed on us by nature and lie back and relax. Relaxation is about mind and soul. And in this case your feet.


    • Step 3 Finally,  but take your time,  apply the Apsu Varanasi Mint and Cocoa Butter Foot Cream. This beautiful cream made with with essential oils will finish your Apsu ancient ritual for your feet.Fit for a goddess, make like the Golden Goddess Annapurna, and pay it forward to someone you love by treating yourself or your partner to a meditative and restorative experience for your feet.


Ayurveda may have been developed thousands of years ago but it is just as relevant as it ever was to maintain our health well being and balance.  It is old medicine which has become new medicine to be applied in a contemporary and inspirational way. It will take you to the ancient shores of the Ganges and your mind will drift in wonder and curiosity as to the roots of a thousand different legends that have been passed through the ages, generation to generation from the ancient lands that hold the secret to our health, wellness and longevity.

Treat yourself.  Or treat your lover or friend.  Apsu Varanasi Foot Rituals is as timeless as the legends it represents.  The Apsu Varanasi range reflects the beauty and the creativity of the ancient civilisation of India.  Don’t just treat your feet, indulge yourself in the ultimate luxury of 24 karat gold in the Apsu Varanasi Golden Goddess Range for your body.  Body and soul.  It is what wellness is all about.

Go to www.apsulife.com  for stockists or just browse the wonderful world of the ancient secrets of wellness and bathing. We welcome you to explore these magnificent and wondrous ancient civilizations with us.